Beast The Best Action/Horror Movie In 2022

Beast, a 2022 survival action horror film, is directed by Baltasar Kormákur. This horror movie is deemed excellent in overall quality. The story is unique and excellent to read. Beast received generally favorable reviews from critics. Universal Pictures released Beast in the United States on August 19, 2022.

The story follows a widowed father and his two teenage daughters, who are attacked by a rogue, man-killing lion while visiting a South African game reserve. The film received mixed reviews and grossed just over $59 million on a $36 million production budget.

Idris Elba praised Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2015 performance in The Revenant for his realistic bear sequence, which he considered the most challenging part of filming, as it surpassed the audience’s expectations and left a lasting impression.



Dr. Nate Samuels and his daughters, Meredith and Norah, visit the Mopani Reserve in South Africa to reconnect with their old friend, Martin Battles. They visit a local lion pride and discover a man-killing lion responsible for the dead population. Nate, unable to save an injured man, takes cover in a car. Martin warns him to stay away, but Nate uses a tranquilizer rifle to confront the lion.

 The lion attacks and Meredith saves him. Norah stabs the lion with a tranquilizer dart, causing it to retreat. Martin, a recovering anti-poacher, and his sisters Meredith and Norah are attacked by a lion after poachers killed their pride. Martin manages to save them by setting off an explosion from leaking gasoline, burning the lion.

 They leave the car and head to an abandoned schoolhouse. The lion stalks them, but Nate scares it off. He lures the lion to the local lion pride, which kills the rogue. Nate falls unconscious, but he recovers and tells his daughters he loves them. They return to the preserve, reminiscing about their past.


Dr. Nate Samuels and his daughters visit the Mopani Reserve in South Africa to reconnect with their old friend, Martin Battles. They encounter a man-killing lion responsible for the dead population, but Nate uses a tranquilizer rifle to confront it. Martin, a recovering anti-poacher, saves them by setting off an explosion. They return to the preserve, reminiscing about their past.

Top cast:

Here I will share detail about Beast movie cast.

  • Liyabuya Gongo
  • Martin Munro
  • Daniel Hadebe
  • Thapelo Sebogodi
  • Chris Langa
  • Mduduzi Mavimbela
  • Chris Gxalaba
  • Idris Elba
  • Kazi Khuboni
  • Leah Jeffries
  • Iyana Halley
  • Sharlto Copley
  • Tafara Nyatsanza
  • Ronald Mkwanazi
  • Naledi Mogadime
  • Thabo Rametsi


Here I will share detail about Beast movie director.

Baltasar Kormákur

Baltasar Kormákur Baltasarsson, born on February 27, 1966, is an Icelandic actor, director, and producer known for his work in theater, film, and television. The director is renowned for directing films such as 101 Reykjavík, The Sea, and A Little Trip to Heaven, Contraband, 2 Guns, Everest, and the Katla series.

Kormákur, a renowned Icelandic filmmaker, has a successful career in film writing, production, and directing. His films, including “The Sea,” “A Little Trip To Heaven,” “Jar City,” and “White Night Wedding,” have won numerous awards and gained significant recognition. His 2012 film, “The Deep,” was Iceland’s Oscar nominee and won 11 Edda Awards.


Here I will share detail about Beast movie writers.

Jaime Primak Sullivan

Jaime Primak Sullivan is renowned for his works in Beast (2022), Breaking In (2018), and Oracle (2023).

Ryan Engle

Ryan Engle was born on January 20, 1979, in Seattle, Washington, USA. The writer and director are renowned for his works in Rampage (2018), Beast (2022), and The Commuter (2018). Since 2007, he has been married to Kristin Negele Engle.


Here I will share detail about Beast movie star.

Idrissa Akuna Elba 


Idrissa Akuna Elba OBE, born on September 6, 1972, is an English actor, rapper, singer, and DJ. An alumnus of London’s National Youth Music Theatre, he starred in HBO’s The Wire, BBC One’s Luther, and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, receiving multiple Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for Luther.

Elba was featured in the films American Gangster (2007), Obsessed (2009), and Prometheus (2012).Elba, known for his voice roles in Zootopia, The Jungle Book, Finding Dory, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2, made his directorial debut with Yardie in 2018.

Leah Sava Jeffries


Leah Sava Jeffries, born on September 25, 2009, is an American child actress. Jeffries made her acting debut in the 2015 American musical drama Empire and her feature film debut in the 2022 action-thriller Beast. In 2022, Jeffries portrayed Anna Beth Chase in the television adaptation of Rick Riordan’s fantasy novel series, Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

Sharlto Copley


Sharlto Copley, born on November 27, 1973, is a renowned South African actor. His acting credits include roles in science fiction films like District 9, The A-Team, Elysium, Europa Report, and Maleficent, earning him an Academy Award nomination. Copley, a South African actor and supermodel, has starred in Chappie, Hardcore Henry, and Powers, and is married to Tanit Phoenix.


Is Beast movie hit or flop?

 Beast, released on 13 April 2022, received mixed reviews from critics. The film achieved worldwide commercial success, grossing ₹217-300 crore, making it one of the highest-grossing Tamil films of all time.

Was Beast a good movie?

Beast, despite its appreciation for South Africa and engaging action scenes, struggles with its script, despite being surprisingly good. The 90-minute thriller features intense shots that evoke a significant amount of anxiety.

Is Beast movie based on a true story?

In 1898, the Tsavo Man-Eaters, maneless lions, hunted humans in Kenya, despite the seemingly unlikely idea of lions hunting humans. The deaths depicted in the movies were significantly different from the iconic ones.

Does Beast have a good ending?

Nate, despite his injuries, survives thanks to Banji, a reserve employee, and the ending of Beast brings him back to his daughters. Despite their unplanned trip, the family reconnected and became closer than ever due to their ordeal.

Is Beast a hero or villain?

Beast, a largely heroic character, has faced some questionable moments throughout his history. In X-Men #8 (1964), Beast’s temper was sparked by a mob attacking him, causing him to lose his temper.


Dr. Nate Samuels and his daughters visit Mopani Reserve, reconnecting with old friend Martin Battles. They confront a lion, save Martin by setting off an explosion, and reminisce about their past. For more such type of interesting blogs, visit our website.

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