The black phone

The Black Phone Best Supernatural Horror Movie In 2021

The Black Phone is a 2021 American supernatural horror film directed by Scott Derrickson. This horror movie is deemed excellent in overall quality. The Black Phone, a film that premiered at Fantastic Fest in September 2021, was released theatrically by Universal Pictures on June 24, 2022.

The Black Phone film , adapted from Joe Hill’s 2004 short story, stars Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, Jeremy Davies, James Ransone, and Ethan Hawke. The Black Phone film follows a teenager (Thames) who uses a mysterious black rotary dial phone to communicate with his captor’s previous victims to escape.

The Black Phone film, a global success, grossed $161 million and received positive reviews, with a sequel in development set for release on June 27, 2025. The text is rated 8 out of 10, but it is suggested to be watched and decided for oneself.

The black phone
The black phone


In 1978, “The Grabber” is a serial child abductor and murderer in North Denver. Finney Blake and his sister Gwen live with their abusive father Terrence, who has a wife who commits suicide. Gwen dreams about the Grabber’s abduction of Bruce, and police suspect her knowledge. Terrence beats her, and Finney and Robin are abducted.

 Finney wakes in a basement with a disconnected telephone, hearing Bruce’s voice instructing him to dig an escape tunnel. Finney, a victim of the Grabber, is held in Max’s basement by his brother, Max. He is held by a man named Max, who has shown interest in the Grabber’s crimes.

 Finney receives calls from Griffin, who gives him the combination to unlock the house’s front door. The Grabber recaptures Finney after his dog Samson barks. Vance, a delinquent, tells Finney to break through a wall and into a freezer. Finney finds the freezer door locked. Robin urges Finney to stand up for himself and fight back.

 Gwen and Wright find the Grabber’s house, where the bodies of his victims are found. Max rescues Finney, who is trapped in the basement. Finney uses byproducts from previous escape attempts to trap the Grabber, beating him and breaking his neck. Finney leaves the house, and Terrence begs Finney and Gwen for forgiveness.


In 1978, “The Grabber” is a serial child abductor and murderer in North Denver. Finney Blake and his sister Gwen live with their abusive father Terrence. Gwen’s dreams about the Grabber’s abduction lead to Terrence beating her.

 Finney and Robin are abducted, and Finney is held in Max’s basement by Max, who has interest in his crimes. Finney escapes and uses byproducts to trap the Grabber, beating him and breaking his neck. Terrence asks Finney and Gwen for forgiveness.

Top Cast:

Here I will share detail about The Black Phone movie cast.

  • Mason Thames
  • Madeleine McGraw
  • Ethan Hawke
  • Jeremy Davies
  • E. Roger Mitchell
  • Troy Rudeseal
  • James Ransone
  • Miguel Mora
  • Rebecca Clarke
  • J. Gaven Wilde
  • Spencer Fitzgerald
  • Jordan Isaiah White
  • Brady M. Ryan
  • Tristan Pravong
  • Jacob Moran
  • Brady Hepner
  • Banks Repeta
  • Parrish Stikeleather
  • Kristina Arjona
  • Sheila O’Rear
  • Rocco Poveromo
  • Kellan Rhude
  • Nina Repeta
  • Reagan Shumate
  • Bay Allebach
  • Dashiell Derrickson
  • Braxton Alexander
  • Lukas Colagross
  • Mark Riccardi
  • Andrew Farmer
  • T. Maxwell Martin
  • Garrison Starkweather
  • Megan Petersen
  • Robert Fortunato
  • Christy Connell


Here I will share detail about The Black Phone movie director.

Scott Derrickson

Scott Derrickson, born on July 16, 1966, is an American filmmaker. The individual holds a B.A. in Humanities, specializing in philosophy and literature, and a B.A. in Communications, specializing in film and theology. The individual completed their graduate studies at the USC School of Cinema-Television.

The individual is renowned for his horror films, including The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005), Sinister (2012), and The Black Phone (2022). The individual is renowned for the Marvel Comics-based superhero film Doctor Strange (2016).


Here I will share detail about The Black Phone movie writer.

Joe Hill

The black phone
The black phone

Joe Hill, born on June 4, 1972, is an American writer known by his pen name. Born in Bangor, Maine, he grew up with his brother Owen King, a writer, and his older sister Naomi King. He has been recognized with various awards such as Bram Stoker Awards, British Fantasy Awards, and an Eisner Award.

The author’s literary works include Heart-Shaped Box (2007), Horns (2010), NOS4A2 (2013), and The Fireman (2016). The author has published several short story collections, including 20th Century Ghosts (2005) and Strange Weather (2017), and the comic book series Locke & Key (2008)-2013.

C. Robert Cargill

The black phone
The black phone

Christopher Robert Cargill, born September 8, 1975, is an American screenwriter, novelist, podcast host, and former film critic known under the pseudonyms Massawyrm and Carlyle. The writer is renowned for his works in the films Sinister (2012), Sinister 2 (2015), Doctor Strange (2016), and The Black Phone (2021). Scott Derrickson is a frequent writing collaborator with him.


Here I will share detail about The Black Phone movie star.

Madeleine McGraw

The black phone
The black phone

Madeleine McGraw, an American actress, is best known for her role as Gwen in the 2021 horror film, The Black Phone. Zoey Campbell, a popular character in the Disney Channel series Secrets of Sulphur Springs, is a notable actress. Madeleine McGraw, known for her roles in Pixar and Marvel Studios, was cast in Scott Derrickson’s The Black Phone as Gwen from Universal Pictures.

Jeremy Davies

Jeremy Davies, born on October 28, 1969, is an American actor known for his roles in film and television. Davies won an Emmy in 2012 for his role as Dickie Bennett in Justified and a BAFTA Award for Best Performance in a Video Game in God of War.

The actor is known for his roles in Spanking the Monkey (1994), Saving Private Ryan (1998), and Snow in Solaris (2002). Daniel Faraday starred in the television series Lost from 2008 to 2010. In 1990, he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in California.

James Ransone

James Finley Ransone III, born on June 2, 1979, is an American actor and musician. The actor is known for his role as Ziggy Sobotka in the second season of the drama series The Wire and as a member of the United States Marine Corps Cpl. Josh Ray Person appeared in the 2008 war drama miniseries Generation Kill.

The character of Deputy in the supernatural horror films Sinister (2012) and Sinister 2 (2015), Chester, Eddie Kaspbrak, and Max are notable characters in the films Tangerine (2015), It Chapter Two (2019), and The Black Phone (2021).

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Green Hawke, born on November 6, 1970, is an American actor, author, and film director. Hawke made his film debut in 1985 and made a significant impact in 1989’s Dead Poets Society. He starred alongside Julie Delpy in Richard Linklater’s before trilogy from 1995 to 2013.

The individual has also appeared in several notable films, including Reality Bites (1994), Gattaca (1997), Great Expectations (1998), and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007), Maggie’s Plan (2015), First Reformed (2017), The Black Phone (2021), and The Northman (2022).


Is The Black Phone based on a true story?

The Black Phone is an adaptation of Joe Hill’s fictional short story, not a true story. The Black Phone , despite incorporating thriller and horror elements and utilizing various tropes, is a creative creation rather than based on real-life events.

How did the original the black phone end?

The Grabber is killed by Finney using the phone cord, as the spirits of his previous victims mock him. The brutal moment in the movie brings the story full circle and enhances the movie’s title The Black Phone , while Gwen and Finney are content to be together again.

Why is the black phone so good?

Scott Derrickson’s classic horror The Black Phone film, The Black Phone, is a thrilling experience that employs sound to engage its audience. Ethan Hawke stars in a rare villainous role in The Black Phone, showcasing his mid-career run and making it one of the best horror/tillers of the year.

Why can Finney hear the phone?

The Black Phone’s ending reveals The Grabber’s ability to hear the ringing, suggesting it may be a figment of Finney’s imagination. Finney utilizes the phone ring as a coping mechanism to manage his overwhelming feelings of isolation and desperation.

Why was The Grabber killing?

The Grabber’s mental instability and “Naughty Boy” game are believed to stem from childhood abuse, with the creators suggesting he re-lives these memories to invoke nostalgia.

Is The Black Phone a religious movie?

The Black Phone is a dark and Christian adaptation of the Pinnochio story, focusing on the coming-of-age audience. Jordan Peterson’s story highlights the importance of adapting to the present through paying attention to a father who represents dead tradition.

Who is Finney’s crush in The Black Phone?

He is close to his sister Gwen, has a crush on Donna, and pitches a mean baseball. Finney, the only victim to hear the Black Phone ring, managed to escape with his life.


Finney Shaw, a 13-year-old boy, is being held captive by a sadistic, masked killer in a soundproof basement. Finney hears the voices of his previous victims, who are determined to prevent the same fate from Finney. For more such type of blogs, visit our website.


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